September 25, 2003



Reviewing the reviewer


I was blown away by the Boston Court Theatre's antebellum New Orleans "Romeo and Juliet." So, I presumed, was Rob Kendt ("Star-Crossed Lovers in the Old South," Sept. 18), since he described it in such terms as "sensuous" and "subtle, fascinating," "simmering," "genuine sexual heat," "intriguing," "five-alarm sex appeal," and "romantic lovers to die for," among other superlatives.


Yet I was dumbstruck to realize that the review was intended as a pan.


If Kendt couldn't see that his praise belied his carping and that the carping wasn't supported, then his review is an example of poor writing. If the support was cut for space reasons, then it's an example of poor editing. Either way it's a new low in The Times' theater coverage.


Bob Verini


Culver City